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5 Essential Items to Pack When Going Camping in Indiana

With plenty of parks and family friendly areas to camp, Indiana is one of of the great states to camp in in the United States. Camping is a great way to take a break from civilization and get in touch with nature again. But this kind of outdoor recreation will require the right supplies, otherwise, you could find yourself stranded out in the wild without essential items to get by. To counter this problem, you could prepare a list of possessions to bring along the trip. Here are five essential items to bring on a camping trip.

1. A Source of Water.

Water is an absolute necessity to survive. The camping ground that you visit may not have immediate access to a clean water source, so it is your responsibility to provide water. Fresh water can be purchased through individual bottles or in large jugs. If you already have an empty jug at home, you can fill that up with tap water.

2. A Tent or Shelter Material.

Leaving the house to spend the night in a different kind of shelter is a must for the camping experience. Most people use a tent set. They are fairly easy to set up - all it takes is some poles, some stakes to ground the poles and the tent itself. Some like to use an RV for outdoor travel as well.

3. A Lighter or Heating Source.

It doesn't feel like a real camping trip until a campfire is created. Many camping grounds already come with a designated area for the fire pit. All you need to light the fire is a pile of wood and a heating source, like a lighter or a flint. Some people will bring along a portable stove because those are easier to cook on.

4. A Sleeping Bag.

If you are sleeping outside, a sleeping bag is an absolute necessity. It gets chilly at night, especially if you are sleeping in the mountains. A proper sleeping bag will keep you warm and cozy.

5. A Cooler Full of Food.

Just like with water, you will need to provide your own food out on a camping trip. It should be food suitable for a camping trip, like sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and smores.

When visiting Indiana, the Jackson County Visitor Center in Seymour, IN is the perfect resource for all of your outdoor recreation advice.

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